Take one down and pass it around..

By steve in Lounge on Friday, January 6th, 2012

Hello Beer Drinkers!  This is my first time blogging on TwoBeerDudes.com, so I thought that I would introduce myself.  My name is Steve (tikibeer) and I am a…….craft beer drinker.  I was introduced to the craft beer world by Scot a few years ago when he set me up with a six pack of beers from his beer cellar.  I actually remember thinking “weird beers”.  But I tried the first one (Scurvy from Tyranerna) and I started to understand why he was into craft beer!

 I just wanted to thank Scot and Rich for letting me get in on the action here on the site.  I have been reviewing beers on TwoBeerDudes.com for almost a year now.  I started things off with a review of Arctic Panzer Wolf back in February and have been hooked ever since.  I have had an opportunity to have some great beers in that short time, thanks to Scot,Rich, and Chuck sharing some great beers over the last year at our Thursday night beer group. 

 So long for now………Take one down and pass it around..

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