Secret Santa Send Off

By scot in Lounge on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

My first BIF (beer it forward) Secret Santa is in the books from my end of things. The person I had had their favorite style as IPA (India Pale Ale). I am always skeptical with hoppy beers for the fact that if they aren’t new, there is a good chance the hops have fallen out (especially aroma) and the beer will be a malty mess with some bitterness on the end. I tried to be very careful, making sure that the beers, to the best of my knowledge, where fresh.

In my nape of the neck, there aren’t that many “hard” to get IPAs, so I tried to spice up the goods with some nice stouts to. Hope they are appreciated.

Beer list:

19 different beers with three of them being doubled up for a total of 22 beers, 10 of those wants, and 314 ounces of liquid goodness. Included was a long sleeve Half Acre shirt, Three Floyds Glass, 1# of Turtles from Fanny Mae, various coasters, and a beer Christmas card.

Now let’s see what shows up on my front step. Will I do it again next year? Hell yes. Enjoy!


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