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Zombie Dust Overload

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Zombie Dust has quickly gained a following as most American craft beers from Three Floyds Brewing Company. I don’t remember the exact timing of the original release but it only became available in bottle format six months or so ago.

The original release in bottles made it to local stores but the subsequent releases, if they made it to beer stores, have been short lived, gobbled up like turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The last release or two has only been at the brewery (to my knowledge) only.

The one that occurred this week was no different. The release started on Thursday and ran into Friday. We called the brewery on Thursday evening and we were told they sold out for the day but more would be available on Friday. How could I get some on a day I was scheduled to work?

In comes the wife. She quickly offered to go to the brewery, drive the hour, wait in line, and bring back a case of the beverage. Hours later, she was on her way back with six cases. From the various stories that others had that she spoke to, it seems like people use many different excuses to not be at work so they could get “their” share of Zombie Dust.

I have no need for that much ZD. I sold a case to Rich, now I only have to find buyers for a few more. I figure two cases for me will be plenty. Anyone want some? Enjoy!

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Three Floyds Brewing Company Zombie Dust (365 Day 249)

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Hype: to create interest in by flamboyant or dramatic methods; promote or publicize showily ( It happens all the time and in every facet of life. American craft beers receive their own fair share of hype. Some due and some just because. Big beers really seem to attract the most attention with many beers receiving said hype just because they are “big”. Shouldn’t the hype be a because of how good the beer is and not the difficulty to get the beer, the word “imperial”, etc?

Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing Company an American Pale Ale which is brewed and dry hopped with citra hops exclusively. Citra hops, darn tasty. One of my favorite hops that I use a lot in my home brew. So to say this beer didn’t have my interest is an under statement.

Citra hops greets the nose well before you put the ole sniffer above the glass. The taste is citra hops all over again. The best part is the balance and care this beer is brewed with. Minimal bitterness, refreshing, crisp, and easy to drink. Hype well placed and earned. Enjoy!

Aroma: 10 (25%), Taste: 9 (25%), Look: 10 (15%), Drinkability: 9 (35%), Overall: 9.4

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