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Bell’s Brewery, Inc Oberon (365 Day 180)

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Bell's Oberon

Nothing says summer like a pint of Oberon by Bell’s Brewery, Inc.. Rich’s middle son had his graduation party and Rich thought it would be a great idea to just have a keg of Oberon on tap. Great thought! Needless to say i9t was it up pretty hard and I would be surprised if any survived the evening.

Oberon is an awesome cross-over beer that just about anyone loves, especially with a nice piece of orange dashed in there to add some citrus complexity. Rich and I believe that the beer has changed over the years, allowing it to become an easier cross-over beer. We even asked the head chemist at the 25th Anniversary celebration, replying that it was true. We started noticing the change several years ago when Oberon started popping up in local grocery chains. I will never know the true reason why they changed the recipe (I thought it had more natural citrus but is now more dry wheat forward than the past) but I really think it was to appeal to more people, this may be toeing the line, but to bring down cost.

On tap Oberon fits the needs of a palate that has thirst; over and over again. Rich even busted out some KBS and Dark Lord as the evening wore on, adding to the winner group of beers. I only have to wait another three years for his next son to graduate. Enjoy!

Aroma: 8, Taste: 8, Look: 8, Drinkability: 8, Overall: 8.0

Useless Fact:

Grass Cutter Home Brew Batch #2

Monday, April 19th, 2010

A recent gathering of neighbors and friends depleted my cellar of Grass Cutter a wheat ale that was made for my wife and is supposed to be similar to Oberon. Of course my wife said that I would need to brew more, requesting that this new batch have more citrus than the original. I quickly replied that I understood now why some people do 10 gallon or larger batches of beer. The gods were on my side as she agreed and said that I should brew two batches. Talk about leading a horse to water 😉

Now the request to brew more wasn’t a problem, neither was the request to add some citrus. I figured I would just do some reading of the online forums, searchin for orange additions to a beer and her orange citrus fetish would be addressed. After a lot of reading I decided that zesting an orange late in the boil would be the best way to inject this into the beer. I also had a brew club meeting on Friday, so I inquired on this topic once more. They mentioned using coriander also. About a half ounce of coriander, crushed and added at the same time as the orange zest (about 2 ounces which can be obtained from two large oranges): the last five minutes of the boil.

I am not going to add either of these after primary fermentation is done as I want to find out what characteristics have been added to the beer without imparting additional aromas or flavors. If I don’t think it is enough I can either add more or add in the brite tank the next time I brew the beer.

The beer was already fermenting away this morning but, as I always do, I will leave the beer for four weeks before bottling. I will be brewing another batch of this beer again this coming Sunday. No orange or coriander as there were plenty that liked this beer just the way it was (including myself).

I also dry hopped Ladies Day IPA

Bell’s Tapping And Larry Bell

Friday, April 2nd, 2010


Last night at the Binny’s in Chicago’s South Loop, Larry Bell made an appearance to kick off the release of Oberon. Tickets were five bucks which got you a pint of Oberon. Also on tap were Hopslam and Batch 9000. Of course I had to have both on tap. Batch 9000 was really good but, for me, Hopslam on tap stole the evening. The aroma of the hops was so unbelievable while the flavor was robust and full.

What made the evening such a great event of me: Rich, his wife Kathy, and my wife Sue went as a group. Each couple has three kids, so having an evening for adult fun, especially in the middle of week, is almost non-existant. A friend of mine, Dave, who lives in Chicago, also met up with us and joined the group. We had some good conversations and laughs with the guys talking beer and women talking, hmm, who knows what.

Larry Bell stopped by the table for a few minutes to chat before he had to go pour beers. We talked about the history of Oberon which dates back to 1991 and was called Solsta. The named changed to Oberon about 1998 after a claim that the original was trademarked. Rich, being a native of Michigan, talked about his first experience with Oberon.

On a side note, in spite of Batch 9000 only coming out a few months ago, Oberon has a batch number of 9603. They brew a ton of beer. I read where they are making 80,000 barrels of Oberon this year. A big amount for a craft brewer when you think a lot of local places are lucky to make 1,000 barrels total in a year. Enjoy!

Brewing Oberon Clone Tomorrow

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

bells oberon label

Tomorrow will mark my fourth brew day in my short lived home brewing career. I am brewing an Oberon clone that is very lightly tweaked and is mainly for the wife. I should be getting the day started around 11:00am. We shall see how close I hit that number. A friend from my brew club, Chuck, is stopping by to lend advice, talk home brewing, drink some beers, and hang out. I will be putting up the recipe and notes about the brew day tomorrow night.

I will be dry hopping my Ladies Day American IPA tomorrow also. That should be ready to bottle in two weeks. Enjoy!

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