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Happiness for the Wednesday Beer Store Visit

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Wednesday morning:

After completing my work out this morning, my attention quickly turned to the wholesomeness of another beer store visit today. Would I get lucky with a limited release? Would there be a bourbon oak aged beer released this week? Would there be a bottle of 2 Turtle Doves still left over so I could pick one up and cellar? How come it always seems like the beers I would really love to try are never available in Illinois? How come I don’t know someone in each of the 50 states so I could have them keep me supplied with a rectitude of American craft beer from around the country? air jordan 6 In general: which American craft beers would find their way the store shelves this week?

Wednesday afternoon:

Walking into the beer store had an especially good feeling. You could almost say euphoric as I was anticipating something huge. It seems like each week I expect more and, for some strange reason, I am expecting something really rare and tasty to hit the shelves soon.

I quickly found Matt, who was busy with his usual work routine, but he took a couple of minutes to go over the new beer list. Unfortunately no big blockbuster as expected:

I guess the Founders Imperial Stout is actually an early release this year. I expect this to be outstanding as most of their beers I have had so far. Christmas beers were on sale so I picked up Christmas Ale by Goose Island Beer Co., Santa’s Little Helper by Port Brewing Company, and two more bottles of 2 Turtle Doves by The Bruery. Enjoy!

2 Turtle Doves Is Damn Good

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

the bruery 2 turtle doves

After 10 days of no beverages, I turned my attention to a new addition to the collection: 2 Turtle Doves by The Bruery. 2 Turtle Doves is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale in which they have thrown in toasted pecans and cocoa nibs.

At 12% ABV the beer packs a punch that noticeable, doesn’t dominate or take away from the overall complexities. Aroma and taste of chocolate, roasted, nutty, and dark fruits that are combined exquisitely to make a really high alcohol, drinkable beer that can also be cellared for up to 10 years. I would have to say that I was pleasantly impressed, free run 4.0 v2 look forward to purchasing one or two more for the long hall, and anticipate the next ten years of releases. 9/10

Try to get some if you can. If you can only get one, the biggest decision will be to open or to cellar. No matter, you will not be disappointed. Cheers to hoping that each beer will only improve on the last. Enjoy!

Wednesday Beer Store Visit To Help Spirits

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

This weeks visit to the beer store seemed special. Not the kind of special like your fifth birthday but it was a good feeling to start putting the past two weeks of physical ailments behind and start fresh. I think the beer store is my place for inner well being and healing. 😉

The beer store different disappoint as there were some good new beers and even a new American microbrewery distributing to Illinois now. Yes, The Bruery is now selling its goods to the Land of Lincoln. I have heard and read good things about their beers. I had my first, Trade Winds, at the most recent TNBC meeting. I picked up a bottle of 2 Turtle Doves but will be back for Orchard White, Rugbrod, and Saison Rue.

free run 4.0 v2 femmes The weekly new beer offerings were as follows:

My biggest complaint each week of visiting the beer store: I never have enough money to afford everything I would like to get. Enjoy!

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