Two Brother Brewing Company Cane and Ebel (365 Day 298)

Two Brothers Cane and Ebel

It isn’t often that the wife and I get a chance to spend an evening on our own. The plan was to see a move (Moneyball – wife’s choice, she used to work in minor league baseball), dinner, and a few drinks. The latter two accomplished by a visit to Two Brothers Brewing Company. We had grander plans but a long day of kids soccer curtailed those thoughts.

Two Brothers is an all but too infrequent of a stop. I am glad the wife suggested. The food is always good (although the buffalo chicken I had made me sweat for an hour), the service is solid, and the beers are darn tasty.

I have had Cane and Ebel before, on many occasions, but I have never reviewed on the site; this tasting didn’t break the mold. There is a nice hop assertiveness that pairs well with the rye that comes through. Both balance the crystal malt sweetness well. Next time I will have to officially review as it is a solid year round offering. Enjoy!

Useless Fact: Lobsters do feel pain when boiled alive. By soaking them in salt water before cooking, however, you can anesthetize them.

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