Pliny The Elder Continues To Impress

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Back on February 22nd, 2010 here on the sips blog I mentioned that I had had the fortune of having my first Pliny the Elder. I rambled on for quite some time about the build up to the first sip and, finally, the actual tasting and review. Both Rich and I thought it was outstanding but I was the only one to review.

Since then I have had the fortune of sampling the beer at least three more times. I know you are happy for me. Each time I have one it is an “occasion” for me. My feelings towards the beer hasn’t changed yet and I will be having a few more over the next week or so. I am impressed with how well balanced and how little bitterness there is in the finish or after taste for such a big IPA.

I have had other Russian River beers, having been impressed by each, but none comes close to comparing to sweet, sweet nectar known as Pliny the Elder. Enjoy!

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