Flossmoor Station 12 Days Release

flossmoor station resturant & brewery

Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery has already started to release (on December 12) their 12 days of Christmas beers. roshe run hyp femmes They will be releasing a new beer each day through the 24th. Each beer will be unique for that day and when it runs out it is out.

The list of beers:

  • Day 1: Cinnamon IPA – this is the one I want to try most, but it will be some 10 days when I get the chance.
  • Day 2: Chocolate Hefeweizen
  • Day 3: Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
  • Day 4: Chocolate cherry Brown
  • Day 5: Ginger Dunkle
  • Day 6:Juniper Gandy
  • Day 7: Wintergreen
  • Day 8: Wassail Wheat
  • Day 9: Clove Red
  • Day 10: Spruced Red
  • Day 11: Belgian Holiday Spice Ale
  • Day 12: Licorice Stout

A big list that seems to have something for any holiday palate. I am hoping to make a trip up there on the 23rd or 24th at the end of the run while tasting and reviewing anything that hasn’t run out. Enjoy!

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