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Beer Store Weekly Visit

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Bomber of Averry Anniversary Sixteen Saison celebrating their sixteenth year of brewing.

Bomber of Averry Anniversary Sixteen Saison celebrating their sixteenth year of brewing.

Another Wednesday brings my weekly visit to the beer store on delivery day. I arrived around 2pm for a quick stop too talk beer with Travis (the beer buyer who has a ton of knowledge) and see what liquid goodness found its’ way from the distributors this week.

Because there was air jordan 9 a co-worker with me and Travis was busy with the large of amount of new American craft beers that came in this week, I was only able to spend 15 minutes in liquid candy land.

There was at least eight beers to choose from and even more foreign. Jack pot! After a tuff decision I ended up with the following:

Look for the beer reviews coming soon. Enjoy!

Two Beer Dudes Next Brewery Hops (Update)

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Hard to believe how quickly things can change. The brewery hop and brewery reviews that I had planned out are not going to work out. Blucreek Breweing and Furthermore Brewery both brew there beer offsite.

I had a chance to speak to one of the owners of Furthermore, Aaron, and he was very enthusiastic about what he does. He drives some 2.5 hours to go brew the beer himself, rather than letting the remote brewery brew his recipe for him. I look forward to getting up to the Madison, WI area to pick up some of their beer to give it a try.

Another brewery that I wanted to visit, Lake Louie Brewery, air jordan 7 is only doing tours once a month on Saturdays and will not be doing any in July. Not all is lost as I might still be able to sneak a peek when I up that way.

So a change of plans is brewing. I think the tour will take a right out of Madison instead of the left that was originally planned and head back towards Milwaukee and some of the breweries in the area. More updates coming for the brewery hop. Enjoy!

Two Beer Dudes Next Brewery Hop

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Two Beerf Dudes Madison WI and area brewery hop planned for the weekend of July 24th.

Two Beerf Dudes Madison WI and area brewery hop planned for the weekend of July 24th.

Two Beer Dudes will be making their next brewery hop (scheduled – we are always trying to visit breweries) the weekend of July 24th. We will be visiting Madison WI (Capital Brewing and Blucreek Brewing), Arena, WI (Lake Louie Brewing), and Spring Green, WI (Furthermore Brewery). If time permits we will be swinging back down to New Glarus on the way back just to purchase some beer from the source.

I contacted Gray’s Brewing Company in Janesville, WI but they are currently closed to the public as they are doing some remodelling. Sort of a bummer but there is nothing I can do about it. The trip will still have plenty of excitement: beer. Enjoy!

Up-Down-All-Around Day Yields Brewery Hop!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

The day started out with the family going up to St. Joseph, MI to enjoy a day on the beach, soak up some rays, and watch the sunset. It ended at about 11pm with aforementioned being completed along with a brewery hop to Three Floyds in Munster, IN.

The calumet queen, which is on the other side of the statue (Alpha King) at the entrance to Three Floyds brewery.

The calumet queen, which is on the other side of the statue (Alpha King) at the entrance to Three Floyds brewery.

When I started throwing around the idea of fitting a brewery hop in on family day, my wife was all for it. So we thought we would try to hit New Holland up in Holland, MI; some 60 minute drive north along the coast from St. Joseph. air jordan 6 Checked out the site, called the brewery and brew pub (two different locations) making sure they were open and were going to do their tours today.

As we were rushing out the house, I jotted down the phone number and address. Plugged the address into the gps and off we went. After only a minute in the vehicle my wife reminded me that Michigan is an hour ahead of us and that the arrival time on the gps was 2:48pm for a 3:00pm tour. We thought this meant that we would be arriving in Holland at 3:48pm. We found out later in the day that the gps does take into account different time zones and I wouldn’t have had to be upset believing that there was no way of making the tour.

Dark Lord Days 2009 banner hanging from the Three Floyds brewery ceiling.

Dark Lord Days 2009 banner hanging from the Three Floyds brewery ceiling.

My thoughts of a brewery hop quickly vanished and, of course, I started to pout like a little kid! So I asked my wife about stopping back at Three Floyds only a week after we had stopped by and they were closed. She didn’t take to the idea too quickly as it was 11:30am and the tour wasn’t until 3:00pm and this meant we wouldn’t have fun in the sun until at least 4:30pm.

We shared a couple of niceties and we changed our plans and reset the gps to the new address since it was still stored. My heart was once again beating faster and my frown was turned into a smile. I could go play beer after all! 😀

As we were ready to turn into the business park that Three Floyds is part of, we noticed across the street a community area, there was something going on. We asked about it, found out there was stuff for kids to do and spent 12:00pm until 2:15pm there. We had lunch and tons of fun for the kids. It turned out to be a great decision for the entire family!

Check out the brewery hops (should be up tomorrow) for a brewery review of the Three Floyds brew pub, brewery, and tour. Enjoy!

Design/Layout Discussion Results

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

The design/layout meeting turned into a really good few hours of laying out in cement the content of some of the most important pages on the site: home, reviews, user profile, etc.

After some deep dish peperoni pizza (two slices) it was time to get busy, so of course we each grabbed a beer and the question and answer session began. Chris did a great job of probing for the information that he needed and I tried to show him all the non-designed pages I had coded but still needed that front-end touch.

I am hopeful and wishful that we will have a mockup within 10 days so that I can start making the site come to life and look a little more inviting.

Rich did stop by around 9:00pm, after his sons baseball game. We talked about the direction of the design decisions I had made and had a quick few beers to help keep our thoughts and minds clear.

Design/Layout Discussion

Friday, July 10th, 2009

As we continue to try and push the forward, Two Beer Dudes will be meeting with a web designer to talk about the direction of the design and layout for the site. Neither Rich or myself is any type of web designer, so what better than to bring in a co-worker whose job it is.

Naturally we will be slopping down some pizza (deep dish) and throwing back a few brews. The beer, is of course, for more inspiration. 😀

I currently have been doing all of the coding which, if you have ever done so, is a ton of work from the ground up. The only aspect of web development I can’t do: web design. Thus the involvement air jordan 5 of Chris (yes, the same Chris that brought me back some Capital that I mentioned in an earlier blog).

Hopefully a week or two after the meeting we will have a mockup so that I can get some of the functionality that is already there up on the site:

  • login
  • logout
  • create membership
  • verify membership
  • add a beer review
  • edit a beer review
  • admin cms system

I am currently working on the membership profile. Tonight’s discussion should help pan out exactly what the profile functionality will be.

Once we have a mockup in hand, I will try and get it up on the front page of the site quickly. Stay tuned as the site is evolving every day. Three months until official launch! Feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts.

Devil Dancer (Part 2)

Thursday, July 9th, 2009
The hopped goodness of Devil Dancer in the flesh!

The hopped goodness of Devil Dancer in the flesh!

As I said yesterday, today was the day to give Devil Dancer from Founder Brewing Company its’ day in the sun. I wrote a beer review (very unformatted): Devil Dancer.

I can’t say enough about the beer! If you are anything near a hop head, go out and get yourself at least one of these and enjoy it to the fullest. This is the Mt. Everest of hop beers: high alcohol that is nicely masked, air jordan 4 sweet malt, and, of course, those hops blasting your taste buds into oblivion, and you enjoying it!!!

Give it a try and don’t worry about the $20.00 for a four pack. It is still less than what a “normal” American craft beer costs around here in a bar. Enjoy!

Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

It seems that every brewery is not only making their normal and seasonal beers these days, but specialty, and in some cases, limited/radical/test beers. Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI is no different then the rest when it comes to this race to create a work of malty art.

Founders always seems to have a few beers that have funny names. Not that you are laughing at the name but laughing with it. Funny in the sense that they are original (Dirty Bastard, Curmudgeon, and Backwoods Bastard to name a few) and the art work helps increase the degree of funniness.

Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer - 12% ABC and 112 IBUs

Founders Brewing Company Devil Dancer - 12% ABC and 112 IBUs

Most of their specialty beers are indeed special. air jordan 3 They make them in small batches, they are usually only available for a month or so, and they are all unique. You might even say that they are radical to some degree.

Devil Dancer fits the bill based on its’ impressive numbers: 12.0% ABV and an unreal 112 IBUs. I have never had this beer but have always wanted to give it a try. I think most American craft beer drinkers have had the norm and want to take it to the next level with these specialty beers. I know the triple hops will give this one a lot of bitterness and I am curious to see how they hide the alcohol.

I was reading about this beer on Binny’s blog (a local liquor chain) and they mentioned that “this hop bomb of a brew is dry hopped for 26 straight days with a combination of 10 hop varieties.”  This beer is also a very sought after beer by hop heads.  If you plan on trying this beer, go out and try to pick it up today before you have to wait another year for a chance.

I haven’t had that many beers so far from Founders Brewing, but each one I have had has been outstanding. I look forward to giving this one a try tomorrow night, Thursday, all by itself. I want to give this one my full attention and savor. Enjoy!

Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

My local liquor store, to work, is right across the street.  It is a busy street but nonetheless it is a very convenient place to have a liquor store! 😉  I have been fortunate enough to come to know the beer buyer, who is also a connoisseur, which allows me the chance to purchase items that never make the shelf, also gaining his input and insite into beers I might want to chance a fine taste.

Lucky 'ole bottle number 09020 of Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale

Lucky 'ole bottle number 09020 of Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale

Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale is exactly one of those beers.  They were allotted one case (12, 1 liter bottles) of hand number bottles (yes, you read that correctly: hand numbered).  I was able to score one for a mere $19.99.  What is money to someone who doesn’t have any?

The beer is made with five types of malts (Aromatic, Caramel, Pale, Roasted, Vienna), two types of hops (Goldings, Hallertau), and aged in white oak bourbon barrels for six weeks.  For a kicker the beer has 10% alcohol by volume.  air jordan 1 I am curious to see how well they mask the alcohol or if they let it come through in all of it’s glory!

Yes, my very own bottle of Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale!

Yes, my very own bottle of Sprecter Scotch-Style Ale!

I am currently cellaring the beer until the cold, harsh winter of Chicagoland as I prefer the lighter beers during the summer and change my drinking habits based on the season.  I have also contemplated just cellaring this beer for five years and enjoying what the bottle brings me in 2014, but I decided against it.  Why?  As the beer ages it will lose some of the bourbon flavor that it basked in for those six weeks.  I want to make sure I can taste a whole bunch of it and enjoy the warmth as it slides down the backside of my throat!  If anyone wants to send me another one to enjoy in 2014, please let me know! 😀

Sprecter is located in Glendale, WI (northern suburb of Milwaukee) and claims to be one of the first American craft breweries.  They offer up an extensive list of regular, seasonal, premium, and limited edition beers and are suppose to make a great root beer (for the kids or designated driver).  If you are ever in the area stop by the brewery for a tour and pick yourself up some of the good stuff.  Enjoy!

Brewery Hops goof

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Last week I had made plans a couple of weeks in advance to go up to Two Brother’s Brewery for a visit on Thursday. I finally got around to visting the site last Wednesday to get directions. To my dismay, they only have tours on Saturday’s. I still wanted to hit up the Two Brother’s eatery to catch a bite as it is only a short 30 minute drive from home. Well, that fell through also and I didn’t get a chance to go. Needless to say I was the kid in the candy shop that didn’t have enough money – I had high hopes.

Along comes Friday and I start thinking that Three Floyd’s Brewery is out in Northwest Indiana and my cousin’s house, where we were going to spend the fourth, was about five minutes away. What better way to enjoy something while still having to spend time with family! 😛 Went to their website and it took a few minutes for me to realize they have two sites: one for the beers and one for the brew pub. I noticed that tours would be Saturday at 3:00pm. Perfect! Stop there on the way to the fourth jubilation.

Even though the brewery was closed,  the Alpha King was still there to great us as we pulled into the parking lot.

Even though the brewery was closed, the Alpha King was still there to great us as we pulled into the parking lot.

The brewery is in an industrial park and is located in a rectangular, medal sided building. Reminded me of a pole barn. As we got closer I noticed the parking lot only had two cars (probably from drunks on Friday night and/or shackers) and no Air Jordan Femme real activity. So my joy turned quickly to disbelief as I knew they were closed for the fourth even before I read the piece of paper taped to the inside of the door.

Over the course of three days, two brewery hops denied. So now I am planning a trip up through Wisconsin and into Minnesota in the next few weeks to hop between three to five breweries. I will be picking up the phone and calling ahead this time around!

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