Site Design: First Mockup

Two Beer Dudes first mockup of website.

Two Beer Dudes first mockup of website.

It has been three weeks since I met with Chris to discuss the web site and directions for the design. In the meantime I have been on brewery hops and working on the back end coding of the site. Pages are starting to interlink and, to my knowledge, I believe all links actually go somewhere and are free of bugs (fingers crossed).

As I have been working the thoughts of what Chris has cooked up have constantly over taken my body. air jordan 12 femmes This morning as I opened my email I noticed an email, with an attachment, from Chris. The heart quickened, the palms started to sweat all because I knew this was a mockup. Like a five year old on Christmas Day I moved my mouse as quickly as possible over the link so that I could pull up and read the email. I hastily read the words as the attachment was the glimmer in my eye.

He could of sent a picture of dog crap and I would have thought it was awesome. I didn’t care, I just wanted to see some progress. Indeed he made some and the mockup is in the early stages but we have a great foundation to work with. Hopefully things will move a little more quickly and we can launch the site on time. Enjoy!

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